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Specialty Groups

Newmark Cornish & Carey has always responded to client requirements and market opportunities driven by demand. From its origins in leasing and selling office and retail space near Palo Alto, the company expanded its brokerage services over the years to encompass all commercial property types. Similarly, the firm has grown by broadening its service offerings. The concept of “corporate services” was significantly enhanced when the firm launched its Global Corporate Services group.

NGKF Capital Markets was formed to provide financial services and access to capital markets. The retail industry has become so specialized that it requires a dedicated group of professionals with unique business skills to succeed, so the firm started a Retail Division. In 2008, the company created a Life Sciences practice group to focus on this specialized and emerging market sector. In 2011, the company launched a Wine Services Group to address the unique property requirements to buy or sell vineyard land and wineries, as well as addressing the production, storage, and distribution needs for the wine industry. By listening to its clients, Newmark Cornish & Carey will continue its legacy of meeting challenges with solutions and provide best-in-class services for each enterprise engaged by the company.